Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What format should my artwork be submitted in?

A.   Artwork can be submitted in almost any format though to avoid additional art charges the following are preferred: .ai(Adobe Illustrator) .eps .psd(Adobe Photoshop) .tiff

Please don’t hesitate to email if you need further artwork assistance.


Q. What if I do not have artwork? or My art needs editing done before it can go to print?

A.   There are never any surprises with T Shirt Wonders. We can take care of all your artwork needs from a simple logo touch-up to a a totally custom piece, specially made to suit your needs. Our rates are low – $20 touch up to print standards, $50/hr custom art creation, and $20 each additional revision.


Q. What is the maximum number of colors my art can be?

A.   If it is a spot color design that cannot be simulated, we may need to examine the art beforehand. Most photo realistic art designs can be simulated with RGB and come off looking fantastic.


Q. Can you print samples of t shirts?

A.   Yes, however, the price will depend on the job so please contact us and we will be glad to help. It can sometimes be expensive to get a screen printed sample due to the time and materials required to set up a design on press.


Q. Can you print samples of heat transfers?

A.   Yes. Please contact us and we will be glad to help.


Q. How do I pay?

A.   We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, money order, check, and Pay Pal.


Q. What items do you print besides T Shirts?

A.   We do T Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Hats, Bags, Pants, Boxers, Uniforms, Laptop Carriers, Signs, Flat Stock and more. If you are unsure, contact us. Odds are we do screen print on it.


Q. What is the minimum number of T Shirts I have to order?

A.   We have no minimum number of t shirts you must order. The higher the number of shirts, the lower it will be per t shirt.